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EC GB* Metexa Number One Son
Siames male SIA a, borned 1996-06-01

EC GB* Metexa Number One Son



Ms.Kathy Debowska
Yorkshire, England

Sonny arrived in April -97, 10 months old. He was welcomed by GIC Ivanthes Phoebe and her grand daughter Enya. His first litter was with Enya. A daughter in that litter is CH Blue-Iam's Triss living in Norway with Kari Malterud af Snöpus cattery, as a queen.

With Metexa Blue Freya he had two litters. From the first litter the two daughters Blue-Iam's X-travaganza, staying with Petra Thunell at Timille cattery and Blue-Iam's X-ina staying with Monica och Conny Lindgren at Viska's cattery.

With Marilljos Java he got two litters. Three of them are in breedingprograms in Sweden and Switzerland where Blue-Iam's Athena lives with Marianne Reuter, Khiri-Khan.

Sonny sex veckor
Sonny 6 weeks old.

Sonny is a wonderful male. So easy to handle and always happy in spite of the hard life he lives as a stud. What I also is very fond of is that you can see he is a male. A big and strong body. A wonderful masculin head and perfect earsetting.



Sonny as a baby

The Show in Uppsala 1999-10-02
Sonny Best In Show


Sonny at the table with his steward
Alexandra Eiger.


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