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GIC Metexa Strikeitlucky
Siamese female SIA g, Blue Tortie Point, borned 2002-05-07

Metexa Strikeitlucky

Lucky gave birth to her first litter 03-10-14, two Creme males and a Blue Tortie Point female. You can find pictures of them
at New Kittensside. Their father is EC Metexa Number One Son.

Lucky gave birth to her second litter 04-03-14, four males and one female. Father is EC Blue-Iam's Duke. Pictures will soon be published.

Lucky gave birth to her third litter 05-01-06, three males and two females. Father is Ivanthes Iikaros
Pictures will soon be published.

GRCH Meilland Justin Thyme, SIA a CH Legsby Red Rebel, SIA d UK GRCH Shermese Stringalong, SIA n GRCH Fistra Stringfellow, SIA n
Tzu Lucifers Angel, SIA n
CH Zinzara Chenille, SIA h CH Fistra Knight Rider, SIA n
Grimspound Antares, SIA f
Meilland Ladyayala, SIA g Voltai Taittinger, SIA n CH Zinzara Inoui, SIA d
Voltai Moetchandon, SIA a
CH Meilland Silken Ribbons, SIA g Bluecroft King James, SIA d
CH Meilland Satinan Silk, SIA g
Metexa Gold, SIA e Metexa Goldfinger, SIA e Metexa Lunar Eclipse, SIA a Voltai Taittinger, SIA n
CH Metexa Starlight Serenade, SIA n
Meilland Fatal Attraction, SIA g CH Tzu Ishido, SIA a
Meilland Ladyayala, SIA g
Unowhose Razzle Dazzle, SIA g Pashtan Kharma, SIA a UK GRCH Summerdown Cream Pasha, SIA e
CH Pashtan Persephone, SIA a
Dazzling Inthe Limelight, SIA j GR CH Dazzling Devilindisguise, SIA e
GR CH Zinzara Elite, SIA h

Metexa Gold with Lucky and brothers.

Metexa Strikeitlucky
Strikeitlucky 3 months old.

Lycky in her new home 02-09-25.

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